you’re the only you

Image“Personality is destiny.” – Erik Erikson

To put it simply, I am the way I am for a reason. You are, too. I write better than I talk, I am heavily moved by emotions and inspiration and storytelling. And, I believe everyone, everyone has an unparalleled story waiting to be told.

I love to read, I enjoy different perspectives and challenges. I thrive on defying odds and proving that there is goodness and beauty and simplicity in our seemingly senseless society.

Why am I saying this? Because my personality pushes me to write, to tell stories, and to prove. It makes me happy. I am a journalist. Not because of my major, or because I know the ABC’s of telling a story. But because I believe it’s a beautiful vehicle for me to leave my mark. Hope you agree :)!!

It is SO interesting to think of the millions of intricate ways God formed us, for goodness. I’m thinking of my best friends right now – coaching, teaching, encouraging through their incredibly different occupations.

I don’t know the last time you thought about your most influential qualities, but I’m so glad you are now! God doesn’t operate on worldly time – He may be taking you through a season right now to uncover your gift He wants you to give. But one thing I’m sure of – you have one that ONLY you can do.


First bite of the big apple

As I’m looking at the letters on the screen of my laptop, I’m distracted by the city lights behind. The lights of the bridge and buildings of Manhattan hold my attention out of every window until I fall asleep each night.

I’m really starting to get the hang of things up here! I can promise you one thing, I never take any step, any subway ride, any trip to Madison Square Garden less than serious! It’s so evident to me each day that my time in NYC is a gift, a blessing and an unwritten story.

I remember sitting on the edge of my bed with my dad looking out my window the day I moved into my apartment. We kept looking at each other, then back out the window with misty eyes. My dad and I have such a unique relationship – here’s how it goes: We are both strong-willed, independent, and sometimes believe, dare I say, that we’re invincible. And here we both were, so transparent about the life changing reality in front of us.

Spending the last few moments there with him and my mom before they left, I could see their emotions all over their faces. Me, little firstborn me, peering out at my new life, as I’m just enjoying some candy in my Nike sweats. I turned back and smiled through my endless emotions and assured them, “Guys. I’m going to be fine. I need this!! I’m going to grow up so much, I’m going to be such a more independent and stronger person. Ya’ll won’t even believe it!”  It didn’t take long for my dad, the person who I resemble so much, to set me straight.

“Sure, you’re going to grow, but you don’t lose who you are.” He looked out the window again. “You be tough and find that balance while you’re here. But don’t you lose who you are.”

That, right there, is one of many reasons why he means everything to me!


My first subway ride home from work, I felt like the only person with a spirit. The blank stares, tired eyes and motionless people around me just said, without words, “I’m tired. And I’m trying to make it.”

During my orientation at Madison Square Garden, I was really exposed to the mentality and pace of New York City. You give 110% in this city. You don’t just ‘show up’ to work, you come in and bust your tail because if you give anything less, there are thousands of people waiting in line to take your place. This is the mecca… And here I am in the middle of it! It’s been two weeks and I caught a glimpse of my exhausted self on the subway after class late one night. My headphones were on sideways, my hair blown around and my hood up, I looked like someone I saw the first day…

My dad’s words echo in my mind every day I’m here. “Don’t lose me.” I was talking with a person in the city who asked where I was from. (Every time I open my mouth, it happens!) He then asked me, “You plan on staying here? You look like somethin’. But if you move here,” he said with his arms stretched down the street, “you’re just another somebody.” I smiled at him and said, “Nahhhhh! People come here and lose themselves. You can’t do that. Gotta hang on to who you are!” With my notorious fist-to-heart move. He liked that.

Matthew 7:14: “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

Life so far…

I LOVE my internship at Madison Square Garden! I am on the Public Relations/Media team. My supervisor/coworkers/fellow interns are such fun, personable and helpful people. I find myself working and laughing so hard every day!



My roommates,  Kaitlyn and Hannah, and I have been exploring the city as much as we can!

Central Park


Baylor bball watch party in downtown NYC


My first time in the Garden


Hope you are all doing so wonderful. If you’re at Baylor, I miss you. If you’re in the south, have a glass of sweet tea for me – and don’t take it for granted! If you’re unsure about the Superbowl, pick the Giants – I’d love a parade! And of course, if you’re alive and reading this, you have purpose. But you’re the only one who can fulfill it – like my dad said, be you!

Exodus 9:16: “I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”