greatness gives

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Not one for corny quotes, but WOW! That’s as real as it gets for someone at the start of anything! No matter the place you serve or work or spend your time, you have to make a constant effort to give of yourself to be great.

Without intentional contribution, thoughtful service and motivation to make yourself proud, you’re left producing mediocrity. I’ll go even further to say you’re left being just ‘good’. When I worked at Madison Square Garden, there was a sign in the middle of the corporate offices that read, “Good is the enemy of GREAT.” I’m sure you’ve heard it a ton. But it was different seeing it come to life… The few people that truly lived by that found themselves working at the world’s most famous arena, where most of Manhattan wants to spend their time. It’s a simple concept.

Giving of yourself takes time and effort. It takes more intentional thought – brainstorming of how to be more, come up with more, create more, serve more. And obviously you’ll have to dedicate more time to your project, team, family or work group when you’re constantly giving your best. But deep down, isn’t that what you want? To be the champ who never left anything to chance?

We all know someone who has had something huge just handed to them. Thank you Lord for blessing someone in that way. But for you and your situation, you put in sweat and hard work and overtime to get where you are – which might not be far in comparison to where you want to be!

I want to encourage you by saying greatness gives. Sometimes life takes and takes and takes and it feels like the rivers runnin’ dry. But let it play in your mind when you feel yourself getting tired. You can’t compete with the way someone else’s life works. But you can compete every single day with who you were yesterday. Do not be afraid to start, do not be afraid to give it your all. It seems difficult and overwhelming, but I think it’s secretly the vehicle that takes you to where you want to be.



*Impossible without Nos. 1-4

We’ve all faced one, well, many, of those times where we find ourselves thinking, “Man, I messed up. It’s been a tough day.” It’s no secret that life likes to take swings at us. For all the actors, athletes and other stars out there, living in a spotlight can seem like life’s problems are magnified…or glorified.

When Josh Hamilton makes a move – whether it’s through center field, out of a champagne-filled locker room or across the nation on a jet plane, his every action is on high-alert watch.

My heart is tender toward this man after reading his book, Beyond Belief. It is a must-MUST-read. I always tell people, if you think you like Josh Hamilton, wait until you read his book.

His ESPN first-ever-LIST-edition-pictured fake tattoo reads:
1. God
2. Humility
3. Family
4. Sobriety
5. Baseball *
* Impossible without Nos. 1-4

The world hears “Josh Hamilton” and their minds are immediately fixed upon the sweet sound of a base hit off his wooden bat, his freakish athletic ability and his shot at the Triple Crown. But take a look at his left arm, and we are all quickly reminded that baseball is a tangible in Josh’s life, and he proudly keeps it in it’s place for the world to see.

The words – or batting average – or drug testimony – aren’t even what separate him from the rest of the MLB athletes. It’s his undying motivation to live his life according to a higher standard by keeping his priorities in order. When the spotlight beams down to the Ballpark in Arlington and the attention is on Josh, he naturally stands out – because he gives that simple smile, slips the batting gloves off, and turns the attention to something greater than himself.