7 things we’ll see in SB XLVII


Harbowl, Superbaugh, Brother Bowl, whatever you want to call it – I’m SO EXCITED! Look at these guys. Can you imagine? I feel like you can’t be exactly sure of a winner here. There’s so much emotion and buildup that has snowballed through the season for both teams. Whether you’re a fan of either franchise or not, I think Sunday will be exciting!

Here’s a few of the reasons why:

1. Since week 11, Kaepernick seems to be everyone’s new favorite word (he’s already filed to trademark ‘Kaepernicking’). He’s had quite a platform for the second half of his season – and done pretty well with it. Will his running style actually influence the way we think…?  Love that his college Nevada Coach Ault said, “Never thought I’d see my pistol offense in the Super Bowl.”

2. RAYx2. Retirement party postponed till Sunday/Hey Diddle Diddle! These guys are enough to keep me entertained and they’re in the same jersey. If your world doesn’t stop turning when Ray Lewis speaks, I don’t know if it ever will.


3. BEYONCÉ. Is all that is woman!


4. Is Joe Flacco an elite QB? You’ll hear plenty of discussion on this topic this elsewhere, so I won’t start overloading you now!

5. The 49ers are going for their sixth Super Bowl, while the Baltimore Ravens are going for their second. 25-year-old Kaep had 3 NFL completions before this season, and the Ravens have overcome a huge amount of obstacles and setbacks this year. The road to the big stage has been extremely difficult and eventful.

6. The chorus of Sandy Hook Elementary School will sing “America the Beautiful” before kickoff. It will be a part of CBS’s pregame show, followed by Alicia Keys singing the national anthem.

7. Nike has unveiled the innovative collaboration of uniforms for the two teams. I know it’s more fun to look at them, so go go go right now and check it out here.


My Prediction- Baltimore 28- San Francisco – 21


MLB 2011 Predictions

It’s finally here…


Here’s the way I’m feeling the season will go, since I’m an expert and everything:

For the National League:

East: Phillies – I’m really interested to see how their rotation (Lee, Oswalt, Hamels, Blanton, Halladay) comes together. No question they’ve got the talent individually. But they’ve got a nation anxiously awaiting to be wowed by their ability to work in unison.

Central: Reds – Coming from last year’s run and barely making any overall changes, I think they’re confident and talented enough to be in the upper mix.

West: Giants – Keep in mind, I have the Dodgers close by in mind. The Giants finished ninth in scoring in the National League last year, but first in ERA (Shout out to the phenom Timmy). Adding the young slugger Brandon Belt could prove to be beneficiary if his rookie season goes the way Buster’s did. The Giants were World Champions, but probably one of my shakiest picks. The beauty of baseball, right?

Wild Card: Braves – The Braves have finally looked at their significant holes in the roster, and made changes. Uggla moves in. Lowe is still hot from September. McCann is moving into his prime. And their bench might be one of the strongest in the league.

Champion: Phillies – I can’t deny it. I’m a sucker for this rotation hype. We’ll see. But when I replay Cliff Lee’s mechanics in my head… how could I choose otherwise?

MVP: Buster Posey

Cy Young: Roy Halladay

ROY: Brandon Belt

For the American League:

East: Red Sox – No question Boston is literally salivating for the start of this year. Their roster is jam packed and will actually be healthy this season, automatically one-upping last years season – even though they won 89 games. Having the Youk, Pedroia and Ellsbury all active, plus adding deadly Carl Crawford, should put them miles ahead from last season.

Central: White Sox – If the Twins weren’t so injury plagued, it might be a closer call in my head here. Five of their key players were late to training, and although they’re healthy now, the Sox have had their eyes set on surpassing them the entire time. Mark Buehrle is underrated, Adam Dunn is a monster and I’m flat out ready for all the craziness that is Ozzie Guillen. Waaiiiitt… Now I want to pick the Twins. Whatever.

West: – Yankees – PSYCHRangers – Even IF the Yankees are the most known franchise in all of the world, with some of the greatest athletes in the game today – I’m on board with the Rangers. Scroll down and watch Neftali send A-Rod to the showers in the ALCS win from last year. I feel good about CJ and the rotation changes, I feel great about the field, I’m happy Michael stayed and I want the absolute best for someone as classy as him, and I’m ready to see Adrian make plays. Nolan believes it can happen again. We’ll see… It’s time. (I had to)

Wild Card: Yankees – They’ll do it. The way I see this team, they’re admirable individually. Gardner is the new leadoff, which is a great move. Jeter will leadoff against lefties, and Gardner against righties. The Yanks will have to suffer in the cold weather for a good month or so… I’ll be joining them all bundled up next year… Sssssurpriseeeeeee! I’m moving to New York City for my last semester of college. Chasin’ dreams. More on that another time.

Champion: Rangers.

MVP: (This is so hard!) Carl Crawford

Cy Young: Jon Lester

ROY: Jeremy Hellickson

World Series Champions: Rangers. It’s all funny and humorous that they’re of course my pick, until they come out and show the world it’s possible. Why not this year?

I wish I had more time to sit down and put thought into all of this, (thank you college life). BUT I wanted to get these up as quick as possible. Talk to me, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this upcoming season!