28 things to cherish (Hello February)

February is HERE!

Skip over the jolting fact that January is already gone, and focus on the month of love – even though I’m a couple of days late!

I don’t know what feelings February gives you. But an overall theme (we can all agree) it reeeeks of is love. Affection. Pink (gross). Flowers and hearts. Candy. Now get excited because I want you to forget about all that, and think about things you love, plain and simple.

Here are a list of 28 things (one for each day this month) to cherish, to make you smile and be thankful for. Things we shouldn’t take for granted – and things I think all of us love, deep down.

1. You control your outlook. Kinda crazy knowing that nobody, nothing, has control of your attitude. Every. Single. Second. Secret – it’s contagious too.

2. Seeing a member of the Military, and seeing society show respect. It’s moving, and a small piece of what they truly deserve.

3. Waking up. Looking out the window and seeing sunshine. Seeing pouring rain. Seeing snow fall. They alllll make us feel a little different, don’t they?

4. We are free. You choose your path. Your thoughts and ideas are limitless, and they are yours. You can do what you want with them and work valiantly to see them develop a heartbeat.

5. Comfy clothes. Sweatpants at the end of the day. Hoodies while you sit and talk with your family. Fuzzy socks as you’re cooking dinner. Tennis shoes for your errands.

6. Technology. You can iAnything now – the opposite side of the entire planet is at your fingertips. Connecting doesn’t require much thought. Think about that.

7. Friends who are more than friends. When you don’t have your thoughts in order, and sometimes don’t even want to talk, they’re there anyway. No questions. THIS IS RARE, love them. Thank them!

8. Pictures of the past. Simply remembering where you came from can push you farther than you ever thought possible. If you’re only thinking about today, where you’re going, you’re missing a beautiful part of your story.

9. Admiring something vast. Overlooking a snowy town, standing at the edge of the ocean, or looking out of a hotel room in NYC. If it’s been too long, go do it! You are such a small piece in this massive world. Be inspired to make yourself great and do your part.

10. Old Music. When that particular line takes you back to that one time… I love those moments.

11. Random acts of kindness. The world would be a better place if we all threw a hand into this! Duh, you say?  It’s not about the act, it’s about your heart behind it… It’s a movement.

12. Seeing your family succeed. There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing my siblings or parents honored for something. Of course I see how incredible they are every day, it’s beautiful when the world does, too.

13. Traveling. Vacation or business trip, you are flying in the air to see another part of the world. This is awesome. This place might not be your cup of tea – but the world isn’t glamourous! Be respectful, be interested, get lost somewhere.

14. Having a respectful disagreement. The ability to have a sound argument or conversation with someone you disagree with, without feeling like it’s personal. Stand up for your beliefs = Good!

15. Watching someone progress. This might just be an expectation, but progression means this person put their thoughts in order, decided to get better, and committed to it. Honorable.

16. Changing of seasons. Time flies by, and each season brings that back to the front of my memory. Reflect on things that you loved and things that inspired you this season.

17. I know somebody. The power of networking is indescribably powerful – whatever goal you have or place you’re headed, there’s a chance that somebody knows somebody. Use that to your advantage! Step out of your comfort zone and seek to connect.

18. Twitter/Skype/Whatever else you use. There are so many positive influences overflowing from these platforms. Influences YOU have the power to jump in on.

19. Sunsets. Stop and look, every night, without fail.

20. Your occupation. This is a vessel to add your influence to the world. It might not be the one you prefer at the moment, but it definitely provides you with a voice.

21. Sweets. I mean……… I couldn’t leave it out.

22. Health. Research, discovery, and new routines give us good odds with health issues. But seriously, if you have good health, you are indeed blessed.

23. Challengers. They’re all around and cannot afford to be taken for granted! Person you practice next to/guy you work with/yourself yesterday – if we are not getting better, what are we doing?

24. People who are unafraid to tell you what they think. From that time when you wished no one would speak, to the time you wished someone would just tell you straight on – the person who spoke up is a gem in our life. The person who cares enough about you to tell you the truth, ought to be cherished.

25. Sleeping in. Nuffff said.

26. Being able to laugh at yourself. Being able to step back from the tenseness, the seriousness of your stress will take you so far in life. I’d be happy to join you any time!

27. Having your family always be supportive of you. Truly. This is my No. 1.

28. Silence and gratitude. There is never too much going on to stop, get somewhere quiet and be thankful. And I can promise you, there is always, always something to be thankful for.

Have anything to add? Please do! Love to you all this month!


Our everyday choice

I was disappointed today when the camera panned through the Tampa Bay Rays dugout. Shields was losing it, Shoppach was OBVIOUSLY losing it, (catchers. don’t. do. that.)…all the while Coach Maddon (who was ejected for arguing a checked swing) was probably sitting in the clubhouse praying that SOMEONE up there was claiming leadership for the game’s sake. To me, the Rays were just offbeat and a step behind in key plays. But their missing link doesn’t trace back to the field errors.

The Rays, the Rangers, the man selling hotdogs – EVERYONE – has a fair choice on how to react to the game events. Here’s the rundown of what exactly happens: Choose. Then act.

And only you can choose.

My little brother Ryan is a stud…I honestly don’t know any other way to say it. Sure, I’m biased, but ask anyone – ANYONE – who’s coached him, taught him, been in class with him or watched him compete. His select baseball coach (former youth minister and scout for the Braves,) tells my dad as they coach together, “I’ve never coached or been around anyone like Ryan before.” Switch to football: his quarterback coach tells me he’s a blast to be around because the team always follows as he leads. At his baseball team banquet this year, Ryan opened the ceremonies with a prayer. After he said “Amen,” my mom overheard the LSU head baseball coach lean over to his buddy and say, “I am keeping my eye on Ryan Cash as he grows up.” He called him “Cash Money” on stage the rest of the night. It’s safe to say it…people are drawn to Ryan.

You are too, right? I mean, come on, if you trust me at all, somewhere inside of you is now wanting to believe that Ryan Cash has something extraordinary to him. Hang on – did you notice I didn’t describe one ounce of his athletic ability to you? Ryan is 13 years old. A 13-year-old boy. With the most sound and solid attitude of any person I know on this earth.

Being a Cash kid isn’t easy. We are naturally hungry competitors, putting ourselves in positions to compete and be tested whenever we can. My mom and I laughed on the phone tonight about the never-ending competition. I told her, “Hey. We’ve been talking on the phone for 20 minutes now breaking down my flag football game.” And winning is fun – sports are fun – if you have something going for you.

Let me tell you something, losing team, coach-less team, underdog. You CAN have a guaranteed thing going for you as you prepare to battle. The choice is yours.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a huge believer that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING: the element, the assurance, the choice that’s completely yours regardless of surrounding circumstances. ONE choice generates momentum. When people see you raw, stripped of skill, ability and perfect circumstances, they witness your choice. So… make your choice. And you tell me what happens next.