7 things we’ll see in SB XLVII


Harbowl, Superbaugh, Brother Bowl, whatever you want to call it – I’m SO EXCITED! Look at these guys. Can you imagine? I feel like you can’t be exactly sure of a winner here. There’s so much emotion and buildup that has snowballed through the season for both teams. Whether you’re a fan of either franchise or not, I think Sunday will be exciting!

Here’s a few of the reasons why:

1. Since week 11, Kaepernick seems to be everyone’s new favorite word (he’s already filed to trademark ‘Kaepernicking’). He’s had quite a platform for the second half of his season – and done pretty well with it. Will his running style actually influence the way we think…?  Love that his college Nevada Coach Ault said, “Never thought I’d see my pistol offense in the Super Bowl.”

2. RAYx2. Retirement party postponed till Sunday/Hey Diddle Diddle! These guys are enough to keep me entertained and they’re in the same jersey. If your world doesn’t stop turning when Ray Lewis speaks, I don’t know if it ever will.


3. BEYONCÉ. Is all that is woman!


4. Is Joe Flacco an elite QB? You’ll hear plenty of discussion on this topic this elsewhere, so I won’t start overloading you now!

5. The 49ers are going for their sixth Super Bowl, while the Baltimore Ravens are going for their second. 25-year-old Kaep had 3 NFL completions before this season, and the Ravens have overcome a huge amount of obstacles and setbacks this year. The road to the big stage has been extremely difficult and eventful.

6. The chorus of Sandy Hook Elementary School will sing “America the Beautiful” before kickoff. It will be a part of CBS’s pregame show, followed by Alicia Keys singing the national anthem.

7. Nike has unveiled the innovative collaboration of uniforms for the two teams. I know it’s more fun to look at them, so go go go right now and check it out here.


My Prediction- Baltimore 28- San Francisco – 21


Kyle Rudolph wins Pro Bowl MVP


Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph was named the 2013 Pro Bowl’s Most Valuable Player on Sunday. Rudolph recorded five catches for 122 yards and a touchdown in the NFC’s 62-35 win over the AFC.

As many of you know, I’m a firm believer in AdvoCare products, and have been happy and healthy on them for over 15 years(!!!). (Would love to see you do the same!) Kyle is one of our non-paid endorsers, and I’m excited he had the opportunity to shine at such an honorable event.

Click here for a list of Kyle’s favorite AdvoCare products and career highlights. Congrats Kyle! 

Tim Tebow’s Face to Face with Hannah Storm

“Love Hannah… Best in the biz” – Tim Tebow’s tweet about a week ago that put me on the edge of my seat. Hannah Storm conducted a 1-on-1 with Tebow about his recent season with the Broncos. She covered everything from Tebowing, the craze that broke out across the nation all the way to his childhood with four older siblings. Hannah and Tim both have such admirable personalities – here’s a clip from the interview, worth a watch!

Tebow talk

“Hey, no matter what comes at me, I’m going to say no to it,” Tebow said. Not ‘What is it? How nice is it? How nice is the perk?'” Tebow said. “If [athletes are] thinking anything like that, then temptation can overcome you and you give into it and then regret it later on down the road.”

– Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos QB, on the Miami investigation details

It’s encouraging to see Tebow look beyond the ‘here’ and ‘now’. He’s all about having a clear mind, and the bigger picture in life. We see media and critics flare up with anger because of the lack of Tebow’s anger. Little know the true underlying state of peace his mind rests in. Think on it!

>> ESPN’s full article on Tebow

Baylor goes big

For the first time since 1957, Baylor had two players go in the first round of the draft. Defensive end Phil Taylor joins the Cleveland Browns at the 21st pick. Two picks later, Danny Watkins joined the Philadelphia Eagles.

Art Briles has seen three of his players go as first round picks in three years – it’s easy to see how passionate he is about this program’s success.

Phil Taylor, (who actually played really well against Von Miller this year) joins Colt McCoy and the Browns for the season. The Browns actually traded up to ensure they could grab Taylor. He’s 6’3, 337 lbs, and a terror to match. I think with NFL workouts the doubts of his movement and fatigue will diminish.

If there’s one thing I know about Briles, he’s instilled motivation and drive into these guys. He’s a humble and hungry coach driven by the consistent progression of this program, and we as a student body have seen that. Taylor and Watkins have whipped it summer after summer in Texas heat for a coach driven on doing things the right way.

Here’s a video of Danny Watkins getting the call. Being a firefighter, who previously played hockey, INTENSELY, he’s got the instinct to protect his qb. Andy Reid couldn’t be happier with the Watkins addition, but I look forward to seeing him exceed expectations.

Seriously, watch the video.

Wish I could write more, but it’s finals week! SO PROUD of the representations of Baylor, I had a smile plastered to my face all night. I look forward to seeing these making huge plays on Sundays. Congrats to Phil and Danny!!!

I Am Second

These videos are incredible and always worth a watch. I am Second provides a variety of well-known people who have chosen to share their innermost struggles with anyone who will listen. Take some time to hear the wisdom of some of the most talented athletes with more depth on the inside.

Listen and see why these guys are a few of my favorites:

Josh Hamilton

Colt McCoy

Jason Witten

Sam Bradford

Landry Jones

True belief points to obedience, obedience points to vulnerability, and vulnerability leads to caring for others.

Take me to iamsecond.com