you’re the only you

Image“Personality is destiny.” – Erik Erikson

To put it simply, I am the way I am for a reason. You are, too. I write better than I talk, I am heavily moved by emotions and inspiration and storytelling. And, I believe everyone, everyone has an unparalleled story waiting to be told.

I love to read, I enjoy different perspectives and challenges. I thrive on defying odds and proving that there is goodness and beauty and simplicity in our seemingly senseless society.

Why am I saying this? Because my personality pushes me to write, to tell stories, and to prove. It makes me happy. I am a journalist. Not because of my major, or because I know the ABC’s of telling a story. But because I believe it’s a beautiful vehicle for me to leave my mark. Hope you agree :)!!

It is SO interesting to think of the millions of intricate ways God formed us, for goodness. I’m thinking of my best friends right now – coaching, teaching, encouraging through their incredibly different occupations.

I don’t know the last time you thought about your most influential qualities, but I’m so glad you are now! God doesn’t operate on worldly time – He may be taking you through a season right now to uncover your gift He wants you to give. But one thing I’m sure of – you have one that ONLY you can do.


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