*Guest Post* by Emily Warren

ATTENTION! I have my first guest post-er! And she is one-of-a-kind! Emily Warren and I have been friends at Baylor for a couple of years (you can call her your friend, too). Emily’s positivity and personality have touched so many of my friends’ lives, and she has a passionate presence you think about long after she leaves to go on her merry way. SO… I wanted to get her on here to share a little bit of her sweet spirit! ENJOY! P.s… She’s got great fashion sense (something I’m clueless about) sooooo, you’re welcome – head on over and visit her after you read…

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Wow! I am so excited and thankful to Lindsay for letting me be a guest blogger on here! I am always so encouraged by her posts and am so enjoying keeping up with her as she gets lost in one of the most magical cities on earth! I can’t imagine that anything I say will be remotely as exciting as her New York adventures but maybe my Texas mindset can bring back the importance of slowing down your pace.

Don’t you know a New Yorker, permanent or not, needs the reminder to take some time to slow down and reflect on the amazing city they’re in. Many of my favorite trips have been to large cities, I will never forget seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, riding a ferry under London bridges (luckily none fell down) hehe, walking down Sunset in L.A. or seeing all of the dog walkers in Manhattan.

There is something so enticing about these places. I think the most amazing thing is all of the different types of people passing you by. Each person has a story. Sometime you can see pieces of their stories in just a few moments.

A man checking his Cartier as he strolls to Wall Street, finished with his lunch break, perhaps a young woman walking quickly, tennis shoes on her feet with heels in her purse, nervous for her first day on the job in the big city, street vendors bickering, all trying to get your attention before something else catches your eye, and surely they do have the best prices in New York!

My point is the city has endless possibilities and that freshness seems to bring out the potential in most. As I type this in Waco, Texas and dream of New York, Lindsay, you are there! You are in the midst of all the excitement, stores, people, lights, jobs, cafe, musicals. How wonderful. My challenge to you as you continue your journey is to take the time to see stories unfold. Look for people, watch their stories and perhaps you can become apart of one.¬†Even if your piece of the story is a simple smile or a kind gesture, you can be involved in making someone’s heart smile. What a wonderful life we live!

Now as for those of us who don’t walk by the Empire State Building daily it might be harder to muster up so much excitement and anticipation for what the day holds, don’t let it be!

We get to choose to be joyful and we choose whose stories we invest time into. Maybe you’re thinking, “Well it’d be easy to be so constantly nice and happy when you know you’re there for a brief time but at home…” hold on! We are here for a brief time.

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”-Psalm 90:12

Change your mindset, change your heart. I hope that this has encouraged you, wherever you are!

An ode to New York, and of course, an ode to Tory!

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