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You’ve heard the campaigns all season long. The Heisman standings ride week-to-week on performances by Trent Richardson, Andrew Luck, and my favorite – Robert Griffin III. You can sift through his impressive statistics and numbers at the click of a button. You’re a few Google searches away from seeing our 9-3 season stripped down and dissected in incredible detail by some of sports greatest analysts.  But I’ll give you something to think about – and it’s not all about the ‘now’.

See that picture? I took that when I was a freshman. Baylor played Washington State on September 12, 2008, winning 45-17. Can you see the stands across the field? That’s what I knew my freshman year. In a span of just four years, my class has seen our football program undergo such a profound transformation. And it all happened because Rob and Coach Briles joined arms and said, We are going to change this program.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Our entire university has a totally different mindset that has ricocheted off our team’s success. We’ve watched our Rob, and our team, project itself to the frontline of Heisman runners. And he deserves it. I’m not going to argue that, we all have YouTube and a pair of eyes. That’s all you need.

BUT there are SOME out there who use the (WEAK) argument that, “He can’t win the Heisman. He goes to Baylor.” Well, you are missing the point, obviously. Because that is the point.

There are roughly 15,000 of us circulating around campus here in the beautiful Waco, Texas. I never really see a face twice when I take different routes on campus, but sure, it’s considered a ‘small’ university. A private university, at that.

Baylor is currently the only school in the nation ranked in the Top 15 in Football (12th BCS), Men’s Basketball (6th AP) and Women’s Basketball (1st AP). Last month in November, those three teams combined for an undefeated 17-0. I’m proud to say I’m a student during possibly the greatest era in the history of Baylor athletics. So yes, people, you’re right. We are Baylor. No need to tell the nation what they’re already aware of…

Am I being defensive? No. Am I biased? Sure. I’ve poured my heart into Baylor for four years, and Baylor has absolutely poured back into me. It’s impossible for you to understand the extent of this if you didn’t attend. This place is incredibly special. Take it from my girl Erin Andrews. She joined us here in Waco for the Baylor/OU game last month. The gal has attended thousands of college sporting events, at places I’d have to say are probably more exciting than Floyd Casey stadium. But after the game, she tweeted this:

“Such an awesome night..even tho my iPhone is not working well after [gatorade] blessed to be doing what I’ve always wanted to do..”

She was on our turf that night. And was moved enough by the genuine spirit of our football team and fans (Baylor Nation!), that she felt compelled to tweet about being truly thankful for her job. Take what you want from my case, but I haven’t stopped smiling since that game. And I don’t think anyone else on campus has, either.

*** Check the timeline of big names who are in support of RG3 for Heisman!

*** And of course, you still have a few days left: Don’t forget to VOTE for Rob!

*** Here’s the highlight reel for RG3’s Heisman candidacy:


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