It’s time

Beautiful, right? That’s the plan for Baylor football. We’ve got a ways to go, but this little painting has caused quite a stir throughout Baylor campus. As the crowds literally billowed in from everywhere for Homecoming weekend, the picture appeared.

I felt a sense of relief and pride when I saw it. I stand firmly on the ground of instilling athletics into young adults in college. I stand solid for Baylor, and it’s diversity and servitude for its students – me. My time at Baylor – three and a half years – has funneled deep into my being, and will always have a hold on the form of me. And for probably half of my time here, I’ve been immersed in Baylor athletics.

“There is a difference between a want and a need,” Briles said this summer during one of his Bear Blitz Coaches’ Caravan stops. “When you’re the only (NCAA Division I) university in the state of Texas that does not have an on-campus stadium, that’s a need. It’s something that bothers you in the recruiting world. We can tickle each other and giggle all we want, but don’t think people don’t use that against us. And don’t think other universities don’t know, because it’s true. Real doesn’t lie, and that’s reality.” – Art Briles

I’m not here to compare and contrast and list out facts about our athletic program. But what I am here to say is, it’s about time. This stadium is the missing piece to the link throughout this program. The athletes, facilities, coaching staff and campus is second to none. But with this stadium, everything falls into place.

Under Briles, Baylor football has come out of the shadows of the Big 12. It’s no secret that this stadium will propel the program onward. So much to come for this beloved school – Can’t wait! So Baylor proud!

For more information, please check out Jerry Hill’s article on


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