Midnight Madness at Baylor

Over 5,000 people packed the Ferrell Center on Friday night for Baylor’s Midnight Madness hour with ESPNU. Shout out to everyone who came – What fall break?!

The Ferrell Center was full of laughter, cheering and pure entertainment. It’s no secret that Baylor basketball is about to bring it this season. Everyone around Waco is itching for that first tipoff. And after a little nationwide samplin’ last night, no doubt that many eyes are on our squad. I personally love this group of guys – Coach Drew’s got a very special team on his hand.

Fran Fraschilla called it “an embarrassment of riches,” saying Coach Drew is going to struggle with choosing which five to put on the court. Talk about a genuine, likable guy. Fraschilla is an instant favorite. Waco was overjoyed to have him join us.

Here are some pictures/videos from our Midnight Madness!

(Videos are sideways because I shot them on my phone and they aren’t rotatable. Just cock your head sideways and work with me here!)

Fran Fraschilla:

When John Morris interviewed Fran in front of the Ferrell Center crowd, he asked what the nation was expecting of Baylor’s upcoming season. He replied, “Well, ESPN sent one of their best reporters to cover Baylor if that tells you anything!” Loved that.

Fran talking BU bball
Fran & Perry Jones III
Fran & the Ferrell rockin’


Deuce Bello:

Your Dunk CHAMP Pierre Jackson:

More Pics

Love having Mamadou around

Kickin the night off...I spy BG!

Autographs for fans

Autographs for fans

With AJ and Freddy


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