“Little league letdown”

When I saw this excellent, touching piece by Jay Shapiro on the SportsCenter rundown this morning, I couldn’t hold back my tears. The following four times I watched it throughout the day, I still couldn’t hold back tears.

What a precious glimpse of such a country full of filthy feet and pure passions. We hear about this all the time as Americans: We take things for granted. We are selfish. We want instant gratification. Let this video tell you the same thing, but through genuine sweet words from barefoot Ugandan boys who love baseball.

Across the world, with less than nothing, you hear them say,

“We don’t want anyone to feel bad for Africa. We just want them to encourage us.”

Watch the video and open your heart to them… Don’t be afraid to be moved… moved by young baseball players who deserve to play in America, but refuse to give up on their homeland…

Click here! >> Take me to ESPN to see this amazing video


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