Boys and Girls Club of Arlington to Phoenix

I had the privilege of joining some of our CBS 11/TXA 21 team at the Ballpark in Arlington today, where I saw more than just baseball happen. The Boys and Girls Club of Arlington baseball team lined up behind home plate while the Rangers took batting practice, and met the players sporadically throughout warmups.

Josh Hamilton telling the boys to always work hard at baseball

The boys, probably eight, nine, and ten years old, were on a different level as they met the players and manager Ron Washington – their eyes were as big as saucers! This team, along with other Boys and Girls Clubs across America, will join the All Stars in Phoenix for the festivities.

Seeing the players come up (like Josh, above) and look these kids in the eyes as they encouraged them was something so special to see. From a child’s perspective, as crazy and questionable as the world is, it’s refreshing and reassuring to see pure goodness come from some of your favorite athletes.

I am thankful for the Rangers, the city of Dallas, and their willingness to administer hope to the upcoming generation.


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