Father’s Day Special…

Since the day he carried me home from the hospital to our little Oklahoma trailer, I’ve been labeled ‘Daddy’s Girl’. The memories I’ve formed with my Dad since our days in the dirt diamond together run all the way to yesterday’s afternoon jog in the sweltering heat together. I could sit and tell priceless stories to make you laugh, cry and laugh until you cry – but it would take all day. Every moment, every conversation, every amount of time spent watching him, the way he carries himself, carries others on his back – is a testimony to why he’s my rock.

Daddy, Baby Sister, Me, & My Cousin

I think it’s an amazing thing to be a motivator. To continually encourage others; whether its actively, passively, gently, or audibly. When a man takes it on himself to pour into both kids and adults constantly and passionately to motivate them, I admire his selflessness. My dad is an advocate of being better than you were yesterday, wholeheartedly. He spends hours a week coaching multiple teams. Coaches from around the metroplex call him and ask him to come help, to call a few plays, to just be there and interact with their kids. Through AdvoCare, he’s reached out to those in search of achieving financial and health-related goals – and commits to helping them get there. He dials into the conference calls with thousands of ambitious ears hanging off his every word. With each passing sentence, his words are motivating and exciting a willing heart. In my 21 years on this earth, I’ve encountered literally thousands who say to me, as they trail off with a misty look in their eyes, “Your Dad – Your Dad…”

Here’s the point where my Dad sets himself apart.

He not only expects excellence from you – he’s able to get it out of you.

My Dad forces you to be better – not necessarily through changing yourself, through redefining yourself. Dad sees potential in you that you yourself may not even see. He sees things before they even happen. And he’s able to coach you up to where you need to be, and beyond. In high school, I remember times I felt defeated, even when he told me otherwise. But his constant chiseling through talks overflowing with wisdom has given me the mindset that now makes me hungry for setbacks. I am a better person. I am relentless and tough as nails, because my Dad, my rock, built me up that way.

I’m not afraid to say [heck] no to the temptations and expectations of this world. I’m never afraid to stand up for my beliefs and stick to my standards. I’m not afraid of that inner channel that hasn’t been reached yet – I’m on my way there.

Every moment in my Dad’s presence is a gift. Every word he says, every thing he’s about to coach, order, call, means something. His words and wisdom are priceless, and I write them on the tablet of my heart. Dad’s an absolute baller with country hellfire mentality. He’s got a desire for fresh air and open countryside. He played baseball in the majors and still kept a level head and heart. I joke with him all the time when we talk about me and guys – I haven’t found anyone like him yet! He managed to find an angel of a wife and has raised us in the light of the Lord, mixed with overflowing passion for whatever we choose to work at:

[Colossians 3:23 – Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.]

This is one of the million puzzle pieces to what makes my dad fit perfectly into my heart. I love him more everyday and am so thankful, along with my siblings and my mom, for the constant fire, encouragement and joy he gives to this family.


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