Sucker for simplicity

When was the last time you sat down, relaxed, and really enjoyed the solitude?

Coming home from college, it seems like every one of my friends says the same thing: “I get home and all I do is sleep! It’s like major catch-up time for rest.” I’m in that stage right now. Two nights ago, I took a long drive. Breathing the fresh Texas air in so deep, with all the windows down, Zac Brown singing to me, I couldn’t stop smiling. Last night, I fished. They weren’t bitin at all, but I got around the bank one time with my dad. Those are 30 precious minutes with him I wouldn’t trade for anything. Tonight, I’m watching the NBA playoffs, with the rain and thunder as my company. The best part of these things, is that I’m not checking them off a list, they’re not even planned. And in all of these, maybe seeming petty to some, I’m content; happy; satisfied.

I’m not here to be sappy. I’m here to keep you in check. Step by step, I’ll spell it out:

Inside every one of us, we’re children.
Children are happy.
Therefore, we are happy when we act like children.

…But really… You thought I was joking. HA… I’m not. C’mon! The things I did when I was six years old: fish with my dad, running barefoot at dusk catching fireflies, wiffle ball and grilling out with my family – these things STILL bring me great joy. And they don’t cost a thing.

Being downtown Dallas this week I’ve seen so many lifeless faces and overpacked schedules. Unwind. Maybe you loved going to movies when you were young. Go! (Shout out to my roomie Rachel – going to the movies is like Christmas…) Or maybe it’s been too long since you’ve visited your favorite ice cream place. Orrrr you played wiffle ball too! (Cash siblings are unstoppable.) WHAT EVER it is – life is too short to make excuses. You’re not too busy to be happy. You’re not too tied down to do something for yourself. God created us with purpose to enjoy this short vapor called life.

Now… I’m going to make myself a glass of sweet tea. When I come back, I expect you to be out doin’ whatever you want to be doin’…


One thought on “Sucker for simplicity

  1. As much as I believe the Cash siblings are unstoppable at wiffle ball, they haven’t met the Hallock siblings 😉 our game is legit

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