Who you people callin’ stupid?

I wish everyone would just relax about Josh Hamilton’s arm break. To call his dart ‘stupid’ or out of line would be to say, “If I were standing on third base, I would’ve known exactly what to do.” Sure, Josh may admit to it being dumb – because he was tagged out. (Dave Anderson apparently sent him.) But he darn near outran Victor Martinez.

If you’ve played baseball, you probably watch the footage of Hamilton’s attempt and somewhat understand. Sometimes, after the hype of a stellar triple to start the game off, you feel invincible. The momentum snowballs until a gutsy mistake knocks you back into reality.

Of course it stings to lose Hamilton so early in the season. But lets breathe, because it is so early. Look at the Rangers’ bench and understand, Wash has depth to compensate for Hamilton’s time on the DL.

It’s silly to say that someone could take the place of Josh Hamilton. But it’s even sillier to think that the Rangers will unravel.

David Murphy is capable of starting on any major league team. He is a critical fourth outfielder, and frankly, I’m excited to see how he thrives on the start. Chris Davis has a chance to impact the team during his time up, too.

All in all, Hamilton is irreplaceable. Be anything but frustrated with him, though. Familiarize yourself with the strengths of the other players, appreciating the depth of this club. Because it’s far from mainstream.


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