Surprise, Arizona

Surprise Stadium

Arizona for spring break… absolutely!

Beautiful day in Arizona

On day two of our spring break, three friends and I ventured to Surprise to catch a spring training game. The Rangers played old friend Omar and the White Sox. CJ Wilson was our starter, and will start opening day, and I’m really excited about it. He was working his fastballs on the glove side pretty well, and made a couple of plays in the field.

Elvis is becoming the king of RBI’s, and in Thursday’s game was 2 for 3 with a run scored. Don’t worry, I got it for ya…

Josh Hamilton stayed around the longest for autographs. I may or may not have been holding back tears standing there watching him… I’m such a girl, right? The man is incredible… I saw those monstrous arms reach out to sign the ball for my brother. I’m still waiting on my ‘best sister in the world’ hardware to come in. Here’s the ball, saying “To Ryan, Dream! Josh Hamilton”.

Buuutttt, I wanted to spend more time around him. The crowd dissolved and as he made his way down the line, I leaned over the side and asked, “Josh, do you like pictures?”

He looked at me and squinted his eyes and said, “What kind of pictures?”

“A picture with me?” …Don’t waste any of his time, right?

He looked back down at the dirt about the same time “Take me out the Ballgame” started playing on the loudspeaker. One of my friends who was traveling with me, who has a voice that could put Christina Aguilera to shame, insisted, “Sing it to him.”

So there I was, leaning over the foul line singing every verse of “Take me out to the Ballgame” to Josh Hamilton. I could see him trying to hide the laughter under the bill of his hat while he kicked the dirt around before walking over to me… Nobody ever tell me I can’t sing!

Here’s a couple more pictures from our day in Surprise!

My girls leaving the ballpark... They loved it!


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