Week 6 opportunity: Baylor vs Texas Tech

David Ubben, a very talented writer for ESPN, broke down week 5 of Big XII football and gave his ‘bests’ here.

Now, it COULD be a little ‘early’ for me to ‘brag’ on my school, so lets avoid looking at it that way. But, let’s remember, we’re into week 6 of the season. And Robert Griffin III claimed Ubben’s ‘best offensive player’ and ‘best play’ (#2 of 3) for week 5. Baylor as a whole claimed ‘best team performance’ and consequently awarded Kansas with ‘worst team performance.’

Saturdays at the Cotton Bowl just scream ‘opportunity’ for any team that gets to battle there. Opportunity to play in such a historic place, opportunity to have a raw neutral setting and opportunity to gain national attention. Obviously for Texas Tech, they’ll try to gain a 1-2 conference record, and have a chance to put a stop on Griffin – something I believe Big XII teams are trying to break down right now. From his 400+ passing game Saturday, there’s no doubt in my mind that Griffin’s athleticism is a focal point in Tech practices. Tuberville said it himself, when he compared RG3 to Michael Vick…

For Baylor, a possible win against Texas Tech carries a good weight. It’s almost a sin to think that the Potts and his Red Raider offense won’t come out with a fast-paced, score heavy mindset. (In their loss to Iowa State, they still put up 38.) But… Baylor has put a heavy thumbprint on each of their opponents in the 4 wins, by scoring at least 30 in those games. I’m feelin’ a busy scorekeeper up there in that box Saturday…

With the settings I’ve just mentioned, there’s no doubt that this will be a game worth watching from start to finish. With Tech’s mindset of possibly not making a bowl game this year and Baylor’s the opposite, I think Saturday is a story waiting to be told.


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