Briles looks ahead

In today’s press conference with head coach Art Briles, it was almost as if the Kansas game never happened. I wanted to run up to him, give him knucks and congratulate him on this past weekend, but it was very clear that the only thing on his mind is Saturday.

A few reporters ventured to say that the winning record for the Bears is ‘stacking up,’ and Briles let out a chuckle. As he definitely appreciates 4-1 record, Briles is staying loyal to the fans and the university by keeping himself grounded.

“There is no such thing as being ‘safe’ in this game,” Briles said.

Briles coached the running backs for Texas Tech offense before he made it here to Baylor. He helped them improve their rushing average from about 66 yards a game to 99 yards a game in 2002. Obviously, he knows that Tech plans to lead their game with pass-first offense, and he mentioned that Baylor’s plans are very different.

When asked about the past two matchups against Texas Tech, he reminded us of his outlook on this particular season and this talented team as a whole.

“It’s a new year, a new day, a new team we’re working with here. There’s no doubt that this team is very talented. We don’t just compete because it’s Texas Tech and we want to beat them from last year…We compete every single game to win,” Briles said.

Briles left us with a very thought-provoking statement about the importance of playing at the Cotton Bowl.

“It means something to me, on a personal level. It would be so humbling to win at a place like that, against that particular team,” he said.


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