Baylor football breaking records in 55-7 win over Kansas

It was an early morning when the Baylor Bears arrived at Floyd Casey around 8:20 a.m. for their first conference matchup against Kansas. From the continual campus talk about the Bears edging toward a bowl appearance, the boys came to the field today knowing they had something to prove.

Robert Griffin III and Danny Watkins as they arrived at the stadium for the March of the Bears

A pounding 55-7 win over Kansas gives Bears the national attention they deserved today. And I’ve got a few new records and magic numbers to show you why:

444 – RG3’s total yards, making school history

678 – Baylor’s total offensive yards, sets school record

55 – greatest number of points for the Bears in a Big XII game, breaking the record from 30 years ago v. Lamar.

94 yards – Longest pass in school history, to sophomore WR Josh Gordon. Witnessed big talk about Gordon’s athletic ability on the turf today, men upstairs considering him the strongest athlete on the field.

2 – Games until Baylor gets the bowl appearance we’re due for…

Another element to our exciting day at Floyd Casey: Baylor Legend and former NFL cornerback (Baltimore Ravens in 2001 draft, Cleveland Browns in 2005) Gary Baxter. Gary is the real deal. He’s an extremely sharp guy with a love for Baylor. Gary spent his day shaking hands, sharing laughs and reminiscing with colleagues and coaches when he wasn’t watching the game from the sidelines. Talking with Gary before the game, I asked him what he thought the Bears essentially needed to improve on the most to get the win against Kansas. His answer: confidence.

We stood there in the endzone studying the players, the sun beaming down around 10:30 a.m. and music blaring, and without saying a word I know we were both pleased with what we saw in front of us. The receivers, hungry as ever with determination in their stares picked up their pads together and slung them on for battle. The linemen joined the team on field with a roaring welcome from the crowd. The field goal kicks were landing perfectly one after another. The presence was there. Serious confidence.

The quick outs and passing game RG3 marched with were so pleasing to the 35,000 plus in the stadium. The couple of big plays that were called back weren’t unanswered for, Baylor forced four turnovers. Almost every time you looked up, the benches were cleared to meet someone on the field for a huge hit or run – something Waco has needed to see. It’s as if Gary was mic’d up before the game telling them, “You’ve got to have confidence. You play well, your fans come out, then it snowballs.”

BU nation is backing the Bears in hopes that the record-breaking performance today is indeed the beginning of a snowball effect. With the Jayhawks 0-5 all-time record in Waco, they’ll need to make some adjustments before flying south again.

Check out another take on today’s game from

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