*Impossible without Nos. 1-4

We’ve all faced one, well, many, of those times where we find ourselves thinking, “Man, I messed up. It’s been a tough day.” It’s no secret that life likes to take swings at us. For all the actors, athletes and other stars out there, living in a spotlight can seem like life’s problems are magnified…or glorified.

When Josh Hamilton makes a move – whether it’s through center field, out of a champagne-filled locker room or across the nation on a jet plane, his every action is on high-alert watch.

My heart is tender toward this man after reading his book, Beyond Belief. It is a must-MUST-read. I always tell people, if you think you like Josh Hamilton, wait until you read his book.

His ESPN first-ever-LIST-edition-pictured fake tattoo reads:
1. God
2. Humility
3. Family
4. Sobriety
5. Baseball *
* Impossible without Nos. 1-4

The world hears “Josh Hamilton” and their minds are immediately fixed upon the sweet sound of a base hit off his wooden bat, his freakish athletic ability and his shot at the Triple Crown. But take a look at his left arm, and we are all quickly reminded that baseball is a tangible in Josh’s life, and he proudly keeps it in it’s place for the world to see.

The words – or batting average – or drug testimony – aren’t even what separate him from the rest of the MLB athletes. It’s his undying motivation to live his life according to a higher standard by keeping his priorities in order. When the spotlight beams down to the Ballpark in Arlington and the attention is on Josh, he naturally stands out – because he gives that simple smile, slips the batting gloves off, and turns the attention to something greater than himself.


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